Acting is Business

Your career in your own hands

Why Acting is Business (AIB)?

We are not just another acting school with acting classes for stage, film and TV.  AIB goes beyond giving you the skills you need to perfect your craft.  These tools, of course, are important. The missing link, we have observed for over 40 years in the business, is that actors are ignorant of the business side of things. 

The prevailing attitude is:

  1. I am a creative artist and don't have to worry about that. 
  2. Someone else is handling those things.

Wrong thinking can:

  1. Get you ripped off
  2. Keep you unemployed

So along side deveoping your Craft as an actor or actress we instruct you on how to be "the independent actor" who is mature, professional at all times, develops the right contacts - and keeps them through life, manages his affairs (business and yes, even personal), is pro-active - meaning NOT sitting around, as we used to say before smart phones, waiting for the phone to ring.  That last one is the most deadly of sins an actor can ever do.

Our courses are NOT just for those beginning their career as an actor.  We love actors who have had some success in, for instance, a TV series and now find themselves ... That "t" word... TYPECAST.  We change it to a "AB" word - AUTOMATIC BRANDING (which you didn't really ask for or want).

We show you how:

to embrace your typecasting/AB and make it work for you.

to keep really busy when no one will hire you because "you're Superman or Gilligan or The Monkees etc."

to use the fan base you have from whatever made you a name (a brand in the eyes of the public) to assist you in your career.

And most of all, learning how to keep your social media professional and not ailienting your fan base while being true to who you are as a person, a performer and a brand.  Too many actors have tarnished their reputation because they opened their big, fat traps when no one cares what they think about certain things. 

Ultimately, through are classes and seminars, we want actors to rethink their careers and embrace the idea of "the new industry".  All this means is that NYC has had the monopoly for stage shows for nearly 200 years!  Hollywood, the same for over 100 years.  Television and radio have been a little less of a monopoly for nearly 100 years and over 70, repectively, at least in America (more so in Britian).

Acting Is Business is here to promote a new industry outside the "mainstream" or as we call it, the "monopolies".  Puting the creativity and the art back into films, television and the stage is what we ultiminately want to see.  Isn't that why you got into the business to begin with, to be a creative artist and because you have something to say with your art?  We can help you achieve those goal, bring back those goals if you forgot them, and send you on the way to the new industry.